CX-3 Sound Samples

The following are short demonstrations of the sound of the new Korg CX-3. Both recordings feature the same short passage, pre-recorded to MIDI. Settings were adjusted to the sound source --

Upper Drawbars          888800000, changing to 888864448 for the ending
Lower Drawbars 838000000
Percussion on, normal, fast, 3rd (off during ending)
Vibrato C3, upper manual only
Leslie stopped at intro, moving during riffs

CX-3 with Internal Simulator

Stereo outputs from the CX-3, sent straight to a mixing console, with EQ adjusted to better mimic a Leslie speaker cabinet.

CX-3 with Tube Preamp

Same stereo outputs from the CX-3, sent through an ART Dual MP tube preamp, then to the mixing console, with EQ re-adjusted to compensate for the preamp tone.

CX-3 through Real Leslie Speaker

Leslie 251 mic'ed with stereo SM-57's with wind screens on the horn, mono SM-57 on the rotor, sent to the mixing console, with no console EQ.

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