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This site has not been updated since July of 2002, and was declared "inactive" in 2006.  It's now time to clean house, so to speak.  All reviews and such have been removed, except for the technical information on the Korg BX-3 and CX-3, which seems to still have use for some owners.

-Bruce Wahler
  June 2014


  Korg re-released their famous 2nd generation of BX-3 and CX-3 organs in 2000-2002.  Although the names are the same, and the cabinets are similar, these are wholly new animals inside, when compared to Korg's '80s products.  The new BX-3/CX-3 use digital "modeling" technology to simulate the tones and nuances of the Hammond B-3, complete with a Leslie speaker simulator.  They are pretty good bargains these days, and still hold their own with the proper amplification, and perhaps, a Ventilator.

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Sound Samples BX-3/CX-3 SysEx Info     

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